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NVVI Van Bekkum thesis award winner 2022: Lisette Krabbendam

Van Bekkum Thesis Award

The Dutch Society for Immunology aims to increase the visibility of excellent young immunologists in the Netherlands and has initiated an annual competition to select the best thesis in immunology.

The winner 2022 gets the opportunity to present her or his work during a 20 minutes plenary presentation during the Annual meeting in Noordwijkerhout and in addition will receive a reward of 1000 Euro.

The Van Bekkum Thesis award will be selected by the Thesis Award committee.

Candidates should have defended their thesis between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023. Promotor and candidate must have been members of the NVvI for at least 1 year, and in any case in the year prior to the nomination. 

Digital thesis link and four copies of the thesis together with a letter of the supervisor(s) that explains why the thesis is exceptional, should be sent before October 1, 2022 to:
NVVI Secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Prof.dr. E.C. de Jong, secretary general
Dept. Experimental Immunology (EXIM)
Location AMC - L3-109
Meibergdreef 15
1105 AZ Amsterdam
the Netherlands

NVVI Van Bekkum Thesis Award Winners:

2022: Dr. Lisette Krabbendam, "Human Innate Lymphoid cells: from Helper to Killer".

2021: Dr. Philip Brouwer“Presenting viral glycoproteins on computationally designed two-component protein nanoparticles to improve neutralizing antibody responses”.

2020: Dr. Sjoerd Schetters, 'Orchestrating the immune system to initiate anti-tumor immunity'.

2019: Dr. Vincent van Une, 'Mucosal Immunology revisited through Mass Cytometry: From Biology to Bioinformatics and Back'.

2018: Dr. Fiamma Salerno, "Walking the wire: Post-transcriptional regulation of T cell effector functions in health and disease".

2017: Dr. Simon D. Pouwels, "DAMPs, endogenous danger signals fueling airway inflammation in COPD".

2016: Dr. Jochem Bernink, The biology of human innate lymphoid cells’

2015: Dr. Mark Gresnigt, ‘Recognition and cytokine signalling pathways in host defence against Aspergillus fumigatus’.

2014: Dr. Liset Westera, ‘Quantification of Lymphocyte Dynamics’.

2013: Dr. Willemijn Hobo, ‘Novel immunotherapeutic strategies after stem cell transplantation’.

2012: Dr. Theo Plantinga, ‘Modulation of inflammation by genetic variation in innate immunity’.

2011: Dr. W. Joost Lesterhuis, ‘Dendritic cells in cancer immunotherapy’

2010: Dr. Jeroen van Heijst, ‘Tracing T cell Differentiation by genetic barcoding’

2009: Dr. Mirjam Kool, ‘Dendritic Cell Subsets are Key Regulators in the Immune System’

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1105 AZ Amsterdam - The Netherlands
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