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Honorary Member – “Jon van Rood medal”

Starting 2017, the Dutch Society of Immunology will introduce the “DSI honorary member”. Qualifying members have made an extraordinary contribution to the field of Immunology in the Netherlands in the broadest sense.

Dutch Society of Immunology Honorary Member – “Jon van Rood medal”
The DSI board is extremely pleased with the fact that Jon van Rood, as one of the co-founders of the DSI and outstanding and renowned immunologist, has agreed to associate his name with the award which will be named the  “Jon van Rood medal”.  The DSI board anticipates to award this medal every three years and has defined the below criteria for nominations. 

The DSI honorary member is characterized by an extraordinary contribution to the field of Immunology and or to the DSI. Contributions are characterized by:

Profiling of the field of Immunology in the Netherlands, for instance via: 

  • Promoting the transfer of immunology knowhow at a national and or international level
  • Advancing  the quality of research in Immunology and/or its clinical application
  • Representing and promoting the societal impact of all active in the field of Immunology (Basic, Clinical and Clinical Immunology)
  • Warrant the future position of the field of  Immunology via policy input at national and/or international level.

Contibution to education in immunology such as:

  • Innovation
  • Improving quality
    The DSI board would like to ask all members to nominate candidates for the "Jon van Rood medal."