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Young NVVI

We are happy to introduce to you the ‘Dutch Society of Young Immunologists’ aptly abbreviated to ’young-NVVI’. If you haven’t seen our launch video, we are here to bring together all early career immunologists and to improve our research culture and ultimately our science.

Early Career Researchers (ECRs) form the majority of the scientific workforce and hold the future leaders in the research community. Young-NVVI represent this group, defined as immunologists with less than 10 year of work experience, within the Dutch Society of Immunology (NVVI) and the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS). This bridge between senior scientists and diverse group of ECRs aims to bring new perspectives, more creative and generalizable solutions for improving science, and help to maintain this diversity across all career stages.

The daily experimentation, data collection and analysis, puts ECRs at the forefront of technical advances. Dissemination of this knowledge through peer-to-peer networks drives technical advancement and elucidation of complex immunological processes. Young-NVVI is organizing both informal online coffee breaks as well as more formal webinars to create visibility of ECRs’ research and stimulate knowledge exchange. Moreover, young-NVVI is connected to a large European community including young-EFIS and eLife ambassadors that make it easier to meet and set up (inter)national collaborations that would not be possible in a time where the pandemic has halted our ability to travel.

Funding and Career advancement
Most major research funders were forced to make substantial budget with the economic downturn that followed the pandemic. This created even more financial uncertainty in an already highly competitive area. Young-NVVI is dedicated to help finding and applying for funding by drawing on its members experiences. Moreover, we see more ECRs trying to leave academia with increased financial uncertainty but often without knowing their job opportunities well. In the near future, young-NVVI will also organise meetings that are focusing specifically on alternative career opportunities in and outside of academia.

Join young-NVVI
Would you like to benefit from member discounts in the future, actively participate in the young NVVI network, or connect with the young immunologists in the Netherlands? Than join young-NVVI now via our LinkedIn page or slack channel. Here you can engage with fellow members and stay informed on upcoming events.

Hope to meet you soon,

the board of young-NVVI

Theo van den Broek, Gwenny Verstappen, Lotte de Winde, Linda Slot, Melissa van Gool, Nicky Beelen and Ewoud Compeer.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.